The occupy people are not only wrong, but foolish

What a huge exercise in wasting time.  Those poor useful idiots in the occupy movement, it pains me to see that so many people are so uneducated that they think disturbing the peace, destroying public as well as private property, and in general creating a public nuisance will get them monetary equality.  If these people had any real education, they would get off their butts and fold up their tents and go make themselves a job that they want to do.  It is still possible in America to make your own future, despite the efforts of the Obama administration, by plying your own unique skills, and selling what wears or services that you have a talent for doing or creating.  Seems to me that these poor foolish saps in the parks, and outside of the various city halls beating their drums and making a huge mess,  would do much better to offer, for a fee of course, to post up and disrupt the goings on outside of the treasury building, or maybe the senate in Washington D.C. I’m sure they could get sponsorship from say the tea party, or say an overlooked foreign country looking for attention, after all it’s in our nations capital where money is really stolen from the working class and, after a huge cut is taken out for packaging and handling, redistributed to the poor and sometimes undeserving in the most inefficient manner our government can manage.   but i’m just sayin.


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